Valentine Reminds Me of an Eventful Journey of 10 Years with the Craziest Human I’ve Ever Met

Here goes the story of how I turned my Valentine to be a partner for the lifetime. Valentine is all about true love and not just gifting each other with Flowers or Valentine serenades. It is about living a promise.

valentine_giftsAccording to Hindu mythology, it is commonly believed that God creates every man and woman and pairs and then separates them on earth. It is then only a question of time before each partner discovers his better half and completes the circle. For some people, it takes years to find the perfect match, while others are lucky to find the match sooner. As for me, I believe I was super lucky, for God only made me wait for 18 years before introducing me to my love.

Meghna and I went to the same school as kids. I was the shy guy with round black spectacles, while Meghna was a tomboy in every sense of the word. Though we went to the same school, it was not until college that both of us got to share the same classroom.  Meghna loved the last bench (for obvious reasons). She had to hide and play games and eat her tiffin before lunch break which was not possible sitting on the front bench. After 3 months or precisely after our summer vacation, I noticed somehow she became the first bencher and loved the seat next to me. She grew excessively jealous of anyone who tried to get any closer to me.  I too enjoyed the attention, but never took anything seriously till February14th, the following year, when she actually asked me to be her Valentine.

I had seen my seniors gifting each other Valentine Serenades and flowers on this special day, but never expected something like this from someone who was diametrically opposite to me in every sense. Honestly, I was in a state of shock and refused her. Maybe I was rude too. She threw away the flowers she had bought for me and disappeared inside the big white Indica car that came to pick her up every day.

I came back home pretty disgusted. The sight of Valentine serenade and flowers in shops around appeared like a curse ready to wreak havoc on my life. I planned to apologize to Meghna the next day, but fate had other plans. She did not turn up. I waited for her for three consecutive days, and she eluded me like the mystical Aurora lights. After a week, the eagerness turned into tension and I realized that I actually missed her. I began getting worried about her. After 10 days, I could no longer take the tension and called her. I learned from her mom, that she was suffering from jaundice and was too weak to even stand up. A sense of overwhelming grief gripped me and I started crying like a small kid. It was then that I realized how dearly I loved her.

I called her up and spoke for an entire hour. I don’t remember what I spoke but that was perhaps the happiest one hour of my life. She promised me that she would get well soon and celebrate Holi with me, which she eventually did.

Tomorrow, we shall be getting married after a decade of a roller coaster courtship and I hope our life as husband-wife would also be equally interesting and thrilling for the rest of our life.