Discover the Meaning of Different Valentine Flowers

It is hard to say that when the tradition of giving flowers on Valentine day began. That’s for sure, flowers are always a beautiful mode to make someone feel special and refreshed. The enchanting colors and fragrance of Valentine flowers have always been an embodiment of beauty and you can very well use it as a gift to your near and dear ones as a day of love and care. We can only imagine that the incorporation of flowers into Valentine’s Day festivities start with similar intention.


Different colors & flowers symbolize different meaning and so is its significance on Valentine’s Day.

To begin with, let’s start with Roses. The flowers bouquet of red roses is always in high demand on this particular day. Infect roses come in various colors that you can give to your close ones having a different relationship. For an instance, Pink roses represent friendship and that clear that you are still just a friend whereas white roses are known for its peace and purity of mind. If you combine Red and white roses & give it to your partner then this clearly indicates that both you and your partner are one as it shows unity between two. Giftalove gives you a variety of options to choose from. You can either give a bunch of same colors of flowers decorated in a unique style of bouquet or you can also match and mix different flowers and give it to your partner.

Apart from Roses, you can also present Lily as Valentine Flowers to your friend. This also has different varieties. If you get a calla lily then this means that your relationship is royal this is the best gift options if you adore your friend for their royalty. If you present a stargazer lily to your partner than the concerned person will think that yes, you are ambitious/determined by your goal. If you were given a daylily then your valentine will have an idea that you are passionate. If your partner is a party lover and wants to enjoy a good time in the party, give her/him Casablanca lily.

One of the most popular and demanded Valentine Flowers is Orchids.  Orchid symbolizes beauty and this is yet another best option to show your love to your partner. If you adore your partner then you can give a bunch of sunflowers that symbolizes adoration. If you have just begun your relationship then you can opt for Carnations, a symbol of new love and fascination.

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5 Amazing Valentine Gift Ideas for Girlfriend – That Speaks Your Heart!

Valentine’s Day is the special day of the year when you really need to plan for something special for your beloved if you are in a relationship. After all it’s a day of opportunity to feel the love vibes in the air and to add many happy and romantic moments in your love story. So what you need are some amazing Valentine Gift Ideas to speak your Heart and let her know how special she is.

A search for a Valentine Gift for Girlfriend at your nearby gift store may take you to plethora of gifting options but are they really worth it to speak your heart? A Heart Shape cushion and flowers are boring. You definitely need to come up with something unique and romantic that can hold the essence of love.

Well, don’t be confused as here I have come up with 5 amazing and unique Valentine Gift ideas to woo your lady love. So, you can choose to gift:
A Trendy Handbag full of Heart Shape Chocolates:
Gifting something useful like a Handbag to her would definitely make her day if it will be the trendy one she was craving to add to her collection. But what will make this gift a romantic Valentine surprise for her is the idea of filling the entire bag with assorted heart shape chocolates. She will love the idea and will definitely fall in love with you all again and with the love bag of course!

Decorative Message Bottle full of Love Notes:
Another very impressive Valentine Gift to speak your heart is decorative Message Bottle. It is a kind of transparent decorative bottle that is filled with paper slips with a love quote. You can make your own message bottle or else you can buy Message bottle online at from its Valentine Gifts collection.

Heart Shape Blue Stone Pendant- ‘Titanic’ Inspired
The much-loved Heart Shape Blue Stone pendant worn by Kate Winslet in the Titanic movie must have been a desire of your sweetheart too. So this Valentine, make her desire come true by gifting similar blue Stone Heart Shape Pendant to her which she can wear and flaunt. This will be the very romantic gift for her.

Personalized Black & White Picture Canvas:
Big Picture Canvas for your girlfriend featuring her best Black and White Photograph will definitely be the gift she will fall in love with. Gifting a large size Personalized Black & White Picture Canvas to her would the best you can do to make her feel special and very much loved on this Valentine. This gift will definitely make her feel loved as never before.

Hamper of Natural Cosmetic Products:
If you want to confess your hearty feelings of love and lots of care to your sweetheart then a Hamper of Natural Cosmetic Products will definitely be the right Valentine gift choice. This hamper will give her different types of cosmetic products made of natural products to look beautiful without applying chemical based things. If she uses cosmetic products a lot then she will definitely find this gift a very useful and thoughtful.

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4 Amazing Online Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her!!

If you are confused what to gift on this Valentine then continue to read this blog. Get amazing online valentine day gifts ideas for your sweetheart. Don’t scratch your head anymore! Valentine’s Day is a week ahead. It is very important to be original and surprise her with amazing gift. Here is some romantic Valentine gifts hamper:

valentine gift for her

1.    Valentine hamper inspired by romantic theme
Online stores offer a lot of romantic valentine gift basket. Thus, it is easy to choose a suitable gift with a theme revolving around it. Most gift companies offer red colour heart shape products like heart shape red bouquets, chocolates, balloons and teddy bear. Get special valentine cake in heart shape in her favorite flavor. Delectable sweets and cookies in heart shape are another great gift.

2.    Pampering valentine gifts
Women just love to get pampered. Select a special valentine gift hamper that she would feel pampered and loved. This gift hamper could features cosmetics and spa hamper. A cosmetic hamper can includes a lot of pampering items like lotions, bubble baths, soaps and moisturiser. A self-does it Spa hamper would revitalize her amazingly. She would feel ecstatic and appreciate your effort. For your working wife or girlfriend, a pampering valentine gift is a nice hamper. Online stores offer valentine gift delivery all across India.

3.    Express Your Love in a Unique way
Since its Valentine’s Day therefore your spouse or partner would be expecting a romantic proposal. By surprising her in a different manner you can make her feel special. Select a gift hamper and gift wrap it in an extraordinary style. You can also write a love note and express heartfelt emotions. She would be touched and feel nostalgic to read your romantic note while opening the Valentine hamper. Buy something special that she was looking to have for a long time. Focus on her choices, style and preferences.

4.    A gift that would stand out from the crowd
Valentine’s Day gives you perfect opportunity to open up your heart in front of your sweetheart. Most of the women would get red roses, heart shape chocolates and cakes. Select a Valentine hamper that would stand out of all. Take a break from these traditional gifts. Get wine and cheese basket or her favourite meal wrapped in a basket. You can also plan for a sudden date or a candlelight dinner with her in her favourite restaurant.
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Valentine Reminds Me of an Eventful Journey of 10 Years with the Craziest Human I’ve Ever Met

Here goes the story of how I turned my Valentine to be a partner for the lifetime. Valentine is all about true love and not just gifting each other with Flowers or Valentine serenades. It is about living a promise.

valentine_giftsAccording to Hindu mythology, it is commonly believed that God creates every man and woman and pairs and then separates them on earth. It is then only a question of time before each partner discovers his better half and completes the circle. For some people, it takes years to find the perfect match, while others are lucky to find the match sooner. As for me, I believe I was super lucky, for God only made me wait for 18 years before introducing me to my love.

Meghna and I went to the same school as kids. I was the shy guy with round black spectacles, while Meghna was a tomboy in every sense of the word. Though we went to the same school, it was not until college that both of us got to share the same classroom.  Meghna loved the last bench (for obvious reasons). She had to hide and play games and eat her tiffin before lunch break which was not possible sitting on the front bench. After 3 months or precisely after our summer vacation, I noticed somehow she became the first bencher and loved the seat next to me. She grew excessively jealous of anyone who tried to get any closer to me.  I too enjoyed the attention, but never took anything seriously till February14th, the following year, when she actually asked me to be her Valentine.

I had seen my seniors gifting each other Valentine Serenades and flowers on this special day, but never expected something like this from someone who was diametrically opposite to me in every sense. Honestly, I was in a state of shock and refused her. Maybe I was rude too. She threw away the flowers she had bought for me and disappeared inside the big white Indica car that came to pick her up every day.

I came back home pretty disgusted. The sight of Valentine serenade and flowers in shops around appeared like a curse ready to wreak havoc on my life. I planned to apologize to Meghna the next day, but fate had other plans. She did not turn up. I waited for her for three consecutive days, and she eluded me like the mystical Aurora lights. After a week, the eagerness turned into tension and I realized that I actually missed her. I began getting worried about her. After 10 days, I could no longer take the tension and called her. I learned from her mom, that she was suffering from jaundice and was too weak to even stand up. A sense of overwhelming grief gripped me and I started crying like a small kid. It was then that I realized how dearly I loved her.

I called her up and spoke for an entire hour. I don’t remember what I spoke but that was perhaps the happiest one hour of my life. She promised me that she would get well soon and celebrate Holi with me, which she eventually did.

Tomorrow, we shall be getting married after a decade of a roller coaster courtship and I hope our life as husband-wife would also be equally interesting and thrilling for the rest of our life.

Impeccable Gifts to Make Your Promise Day Extra Special!

Promise Day GiftsPromise Day a day is known for heartfelt true promises that are meant to comply on this very special day. People might get confused while thinking of Promise Day gifts pretty often, as mostly there is no trademark gift for this occasion. Promise Day celebration can be celebrated to a notch higher space by choosing a perfect gift for your beloved companion.

On the gifting portals online you can get some amazing ideas as far as choosing a right gift is concerned. On the portal of Giftalove you can find some astonishing catalogues for attractive valentine gifts online and can choose from their vast and exclusive range of handpicked gifts in just a single click. This occasion of Promise Day is highly appreciated and popular among youth and it is always celebrated in a spirited way. Young couples full of enthusiasm and excitement can celebrate this day to the fullest with a perfect gift for this occasion and a hearty true promise.

Here are some gifting ideas that will certainly fill your mind with unique ideas and it can surely add another star to the celebration of this special day. One moment is enough to express your true love to your partner, so try to be imaginative and keep it simple while choosing a special gift for someone special.

An Exotic Gift for Elegant Lady:

An exotic Chocolate Combo with either a personalized greeting card or elegant Red Roses must be a wonderful gift for her. It is can certainly adore the beauty of your partner in style and fill her with excitement and emotions. If you are preparing to make this memorable for her, then choose an enthralling gift for her and present it with your heart touching promises.

Make It An Unforgettable Day:

With some traditional gifting ideas, you can make this special day extra special. Look for the variety of options like Promise bands which are specially designed these days for the young couple and best friends. You can also go for Designer Pendants that look cool as a gift and can awestruck anyone. Bracelets, Rings, Soft toys, Dual Photo frame, Printed Cushions are some other cool ideas that can spell-bound your recipient and make their day extra special.

With an impeccable Promise Day gift, you can make the celebration of this day remarkable which might become unforgettable through-out the life. Visit for the variety of gifting options that are delivered to the doorsteps of your loved ones worldwide.

Cool & Trendy Chocolate Day Gifts For Him/her!

A few days more and you will be there on the verge of Valentine’s Week, the celebration of this week can be enjoyed to the fullest with some amazing gifts. Specific gifts for the specific occasions like Chocolate Day gifts, Rose Day gifts, Teddy Day gifts and so on. With these gifts you can bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones, visit on the gifting getaway of and send valentine gifts to India and across the world.

VAL16-64The celebration of the chocolate day can be enhanced with some planning and activeness if you’re searching a perfect gift for this occasion look here for some trendy cool gifting ideas.  Not only for Chocolate Day but you have to plan for each and every specific day, as each day of this romantic Valentine’s has Week had its own significance and different way of celebration. Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 3rd day of this very special week, and as per years old tradition people exchange chocolates and express their gesture of love and affection towards someone special.

Adore Your Love With A Perfect Chocolate Day Gift:

Upsurge the sweetness of your relationship with a perfect chocolate day combo, which may include few number of products such as flowers and chocolate arrangement, heart shape chocolate arrangement, love filled chocolate hampers, love mug with ferrero, chocolates in décor box arrangement, teddy & chocolate basket hamper, valentine chocolates and many more. Delight your partner with a handsomely chosen Chocolate Day Gift especially for him/her.

Tie The Perfect Knot In Your Relationship With Wrist Bands:

People pretty often thought that wristbands just belong to friendship day and for such events and occasions. But this not true, many people gift wristbands to tie a perfect knot to either of their relationship or friendship. Look for some elegant wristbands with a box full of chocolates that will certainly be cherished by your soul mate. Strengthen your relationship with a wristband and some classic chocolates.

A Cool and Classic Wrist Watch and Cases:

For many people, watches are not just an accessory but a status symbol or and more than just a watch. An elegant looking watch in a vintage case can be the perfect gift for such kind of individuals, especially men. Men are pretty choosy when it comes to watches, what they desire for are a classic watch and an elegant watch case, and then if it is handsomely decorated it will certainly become a perfect gift for him. Surprise him with this cool idea and own the day to the most.

For more trendy gift ideas look for gifting portal of where you can find the variety of gift catalogues at the just single click. Choose from an exclusive range of lovely looking gifts especially designed and handpicked only for your loved ones.

3 Astonishing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her!

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, the curiosity between lovers begins to start. Everyone becomes a bit curious or excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Thinking what would be the perfect Valentine week gifts for her! All you can do is to look for some unusual ideas to adore your dear darling with an exclusive Valentine gift hamper only for her. Here are some nontraditional unconventional ideas that can awestruck your girl with a bliss.


A Basket Full of Health:

If your girl is health conscious you can even think of a gift which will help in improving her health, for active or health friendly valentine of your partner, help her to follow the fitness routine, choose a perfect gift which will reflect your true love. A basket full of fruit and gourmet would be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day celebration. Fill a decorated basket with some healthy fruits and other healthy stuff especially few light supplements or energy drinks; always keep in mind that whatever stuff you are planning to insert in the basket, it should be of your lady’s choice.

An Arrangement of Cute Stuff:

Go for an exclusive trio of roses, a teddy and dark chocolates. With a dozen roses, try and give other gifting stuff like a cute pink teddy bear with some classy dark chocolates. Make a trio of your gifts into one packet or wrapping which is cutely decorated as per her likings. Think for that moment, when your girl receives a cute pink teddy, delivered with chocolates and a dozen roses. She’ll get surprised and feel extra special on this special day of Valentine.

A Green Surprise:

If this Valentine, you’re planning to do something different you can also look for green gifts. Unlike presenting roses which are the conventional way to great love, but this year you can allure her with your choice of gift. Presenting a green pot with some tulips and pink lilies will certainly show your thoughtful side to her and it may also be a perfect glory gesture for her garden. Go for handpicked floras of her choice, and make a beautiful gift of your own to compliment that special person in your life.

For this Valentine’s week try to attempt something different or unusual, look for some cool valentine week gifts or valentine gift hampers online on the digital platform of Giftalove and make your Valentine’s Week remarkable.